Chimaga FOCUS 專題練習 + 特式香薰
Thematic Yoga & Signature Aroma

Chimaga = CHI (氣 energy) + aroMAtherapy 香薰治療 + yoGA 瑜伽

我們刻意在這個 60 分鐘的課堂中明確地包含瑜伽和香薰元素,每週設定不同的主題(身/心/靈),同學可根據自己喜歡的課題選取課堂。

In this 60-min class, we deliberately set out different themes (physical / mental & emotional / spiritual) for each week of the month and incorporate explicitly yoga and aroma elements to reach the fullest potential of the given time and space.

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Cherry 為美國瑜伽聯盟200小時註冊瑜伽老師。縱使練習瑜伽已有十多年的時間,她仍然被瑜伽的療癒力量深深吸引。她練習並教授串聯瑜伽,並在當中認識到身體和心靈的密切關係。

Cherry 於香港大學完成心理學學位、教育文憑及輔導學碩士,過去十年她一直在主流及特殊學校從從事教育工作,主要職責包括教學、輔導、課程發展及研究。學習越多,她越覺得瑜伽練習跟她從事教育及輔導時培育、啟發及療癒別人的工作有很多相似的地方。好奇心驅使下,她現積極去學習正念瑜伽去尋找身心靈的平衡。

學習瑜伽的過程得著很多,Cherry 也很希望用教學及分享去回饋社會。她的教學尊重每位同學的身體骨骼結構,也會給不同選擇去迎合各人身體/程度的需要。她的課堂很踏實,且富挑戰性和趣味,而她最喜歡就是跟學生分享她對生命和瑜伽的愛和熱誠。

Having received her degree in psychology, post-graduate degree in education and master in counselling from HKU, Cherry has ten years of experience in mainstream and special education including teaching, counselling, curriculum development and research. The more she learns, the more she finds the astonishing resemblance between yoga practice and her previous profession as an educator / a counsellor in nurturing, inspiring and healing people. Out of curiosity, she is now devoted to the search of body-mind-spirit connection through the practice of mindfulness.

She is grateful in gaining so much from yoga and loves to give it back by teaching and sharing. Her teaching respects anatomies of different bodies and offers options for various needs. Her classes are grounding, challenging and most importantly, fun! She would love to dedicate her time to share her love and passion for life and yoga with her students.

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  • 60-hour Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training (Sequencing & Theming) with Duncan Peak


  • 70-hour Yin Yoga Retreat (Level 1) with Duncan Peak​
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