串聯瑜伽,梵文為 Vinyasa,即是以呼吸去串連一系列的瑜伽動作。

課堂老師會提供不同的選擇予不同經驗的同學,同時主要集中加強身體的柔韌度和肌肉強度,並加強以動作去跟自己身體和呼吸的連結, 適合初學或有慣常練習的同學。

* 某些課堂的溫度會設於 28˚C,有助我們的身體達到更深的伸展

Flow, or vinyasa in Sanskit, means coordinating yoga moves with breathes to flow from one pose (asana) to the next.

In this class, modifications will be given to practitioners with different levels of experiences. More focus will be put on connecting to your breathing and the flowing movement of your body on top of flexibility and strength building. It is suitable for both beginners and regulars!

* Some classes are held in a mildly heated room of 28˚C for us to experience a deeper opening of our bodies.

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Cherry 為美國瑜伽聯盟 500 小時註冊瑜伽老師。縱使練習瑜伽已有十多年的時間,她仍然被瑜伽的療癒力量深深吸引。她練習並教授串聯瑜伽,並在當中認識到身體和心靈的密切關係。

Cherry 於香港大學完成心理學學位、教育文憑及輔導學碩士,過去十年她一直在主流及特殊學校從從事教育工作,主要職責包括教學、輔導、課程發展及研究。學習越多,她越覺得瑜伽練習跟她從事教育及輔導時培育、啟發及療癒別人的工作有很多相似的地方。好奇心驅使下,她現積極去學習正念瑜伽去尋找身心靈的平衡。

學習瑜伽的過程得著很多,Cherry 也很希望用教學及分享去回饋社會。她的教學尊重每位同學的身體骨骼結構,也會給不同選擇去迎合各人身體/程度的需要。她的課堂很踏實,且富挑戰性和趣味,而她最喜歡就是跟學生分享她對生命和瑜伽的愛和熱誠。

Cherry is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance. Having over 10 years of yoga experience, she is still amazed by its healing power. She practises and teaches vinyasa yoga and is captivated by the body-mind connectedness it brings her.

Having received her degree in psychology, post-graduate degree in education and master in counselling from HKU, Cherry has ten years of experience in mainstream and special education including teaching, counselling, curriculum development and research. The more she learns, the more she finds the astonishing resemblance between yoga practice and her previous profession as an educator / a counsellor in nurturing, inspiring and healing people. Out of curiosity, she is now devoted to the search of body-mind-spirit connection through the practice of mindfulness.

She is grateful in gaining so much from yoga and loves to give it back by teaching and sharing. Her teaching respects anatomies of different bodies and offers options for various needs. Her classes are grounding, challenging and most importantly, fun! She would love to dedicate her time to share her love and passion for life and yoga with her students.

相關師資培訓 Relevant Trainings Received:


  • 200-hour Power Vinyasa Teacher Training with Janet Lau


  • 60-hour Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training (Sequencing & Theming) with Duncan Peak


  • 70-hour Yin Yoga Retreat and Teacher Training (Level 1) with Duncan Peak​
  • 20-hour Yoga Anatomy Training with Tiffany Cruikshank


  • 300-hour Fit Flow Fly Teacher Training with Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein and Yoga Beyond

2006 年 Gladys 參加了人生第一堂的瑜伽課,自此以後便深深愛上了這項運動,但可惜其後幾年的繁重工作一直窒礙她在瑜伽上的練習。然而,這個決定不久便被證明是一個錯誤的舉動。無休止的工作令她開始受到情緒焦慮的困擾,以至身心俱疲,最終更打亂了其生活的方式。2012 年,Gladys 終於重回瑜伽練習的路途上,更於 2016 年跟隨 Tryphena Chia 完成了第一個瑜伽教師的培訓 (Baptiste Power Vinyasa 瑜伽教學)。自此以後,瑜伽經已變成 Gladys 日常生活的一部分,而她亦十分享受瑜伽本身、瑜伽呼吸和靜觀練習所帶來的莫大益處。在瑜伽墊上,Gladys 找到了內在的自我,令她感覺更實在丶更安寧和更完整,而這正是她確信一段健康快樂人生應有的基石。

Gladys 認為瑜伽對任何人來說都可以很有趣,因為它能讓我們從動作失誤中反思成長。與此同時,它也能令我們瞭解更多於瑜伽墊內外的自己,以及學會在穩定 (sthira) 和舒適 (sukha) 間尋找適合自己的生活方式。

除此以外,Gladys 在懷孕期間深深感受到瑜伽對她整個懷孕過程的幫助,於是決心跟知名導師 Dr. Jean Byrne 及 Michelle Papa 學習 Mindful Birth Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby,並盼望跟大家分享以瑜伽去加深體會懷孕過程身心靈上的微妙變化及去輔助當中所遇到的挑戰。

Gladys joined her first yoga class in 2006 and she immediately fell in love with it. Yet the hassle work life stopped her practising years later. This decision was quickly proven as a wrong move where she started to suffer lots of anxiety and physical drainage, and eventually caused her losing the way in life. In 2012, Gladys resumed her yoga practice and embarked her first yoga teacher training with Tryphena Chia in 2016, training under Baptiste-inspired Power Vinyasa-style yoga. Since then yoga had been naturally selling into her everyday life. She has been enjoying tremendous benefits and experience from yoga, pranayama and meditation. She found that yoga brought space for her inner-self and made her feeling whole, grounded and at peace - what she believes is the foundation for a healthy and joyful life.

Gladys believes yoga can be fun for anybody and allows making mistakes or falling that we can grow. It teaches us more about ourselves than we may know - between sthira and sukha (steadiness and ease), on and off the mat.

During her pregnancy, Gladys was deeply impressed by the benefit of her regular yoga practice. She decided to learn from both renowned instructors Dr. Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa about the Mindful Birth Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. She looks forward to sharing with you all how prenatal/postnatal can deepen your understanding of the subtle changes in body & mind and assist the challenges you may encounter throughout the pregnancy.

相關師資培訓 Relevant Trainings Received:


  • 124-hour Mindful Birth Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby by Dr. Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa


  • 200-hour Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher Training with Tryphena Chia

Kate 在 2014 年開始接觸瑜伽,縱使起初對瑜珈是零概念,但求知慾強的她正希望深入一點了解這門學問,於是想到導師課程或許可以解答她對瑜珈的蒙昧。在5年間修畢了數個有關瑜珈的導師課程,令她感受最深的無可置疑就是她在印度就讀 300 小時瑜珈導師課程那 30 天。她實在找不到一個能夠表達她在印度感受的文字,只能夠說好慶幸她在人生中遇到瑜珈。

瑜伽不只是姿體動作,瑜伽是「哲學、理念、態度、精神、行為 」,它令她找到人生方向,她比以前更有自信。在瑜珈當中,沒有任何競技,亦沒有比較。透過練習瑜珈,學習聆聽自己身體需要,誠實面對內心感受,以作出適合的體位練習,感受到身體微妙的變化;將瑜珈融入生活當中,改變對事物的看法(轉念),享受人生一切喜、怒、哀、樂。

Kate first came across yoga in 2014. She started from scratches and in order to delve into yoga, coupled with her desire to assimilate new knowledge, she had resorted in instructional courses. In a matter of about five years, Kate had successfully completed several yoga instructor courses including an immaculate 300-hour yoga instructor training that spanned a total of 30 days in India. There is not an appropriate word to describe that experience except to be blessed that she has discovered yoga in her life.

Yoga is something more than posture but philosophy, concept, attitude, spirit and behavior. Yoga is her driver in life. Kate feels more confident than before while yoga is not about competition or comparison. Through yoga training, one will comprehend and listen to one’s body needs, honestly approaching one’s internal feelings, suitably through different posture exercise, with a view to appreciating our wonderful body changes. Integration of yoga into life will bring about perspective changes, enjoying every moment of happiness, anger, sorrow and pleasure.

相關師資培訓 Relevant Trainings Received:


  • 300-hour yoga teacher training with Abhayaranya- Rishikesh Yogpeeth (India)
  • Yin yoga teacher training course with Nirvana Yoga & Ayurveda School (Taiwan)
  • Aerial yoga teacher training course with Abhyaas School of Yoga Wellness


  • 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training course with Abhyaas School of Yoga Wellness