The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing CE Teacher Training (30 hours)


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很多瑜伽老師在開始教學生涯時都會依照自己老師教的一個固定序列或結構去教,當有了一些教學經驗後,就會想加入多些自己的元素或創意但又未必完全掌握怎樣去組織一個完整的課堂。擁有多於十年在學校教學、研究及發展課程經驗、並教授瑜伽多年的 Cherry 會在這個師資培訓教導大家去設計一個安全、有效率並有果效的課堂。

Many yoga teachers begin their teaching journey with a fixed sequence/framework and may face some challenges when they are aspired to become more creative. With more than 10-year of school teaching, curriculum research & development under her belt together with years of yoga teaching experiences, Cherry will guide you to sequence a class safely, efficiently and effectively.


|🏆 完成這個課程後你會獲得 Upon completion of this course, you will get:|

✔ 5 組串聯瑜伽課堂的序列 5 sets of creative sequences to teach
✔ 30 小時美國瑜伽聯盟認證 CE 課程證書 30-hour CE certified by Yoga Alliance

The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing CE Teacher Training (30 hours)

|🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍ 這課程適合 This training is suitable for:|
🙋🏻‍♂️ 有些教學經驗、並想自己設計課堂序列的瑜伽老師 Yoga teachers who have some teaching experiences and would like to create their own teaching sequence
🙋‍ 想認識自己身體結構多些去深化練習的瑜伽學生 Students of yoga who are inspired to understand their bodies more to deepen their practice safely


|📚 內容概要 Outline:|
🏷 串聯瑜伽練習 Vinyasa Practice
🏷 串聯瑜伽序列分析 Vinyasa Sequencing Analysis
🏷 串聯瑜伽練習 Asana Lab
🏷 機能解剖學 Functional Anatomy
🏷 調整動作 Modification/瑜伽輔具運用 The use of Props
🏷 練習教學 Teaching Practice


|📝 其他詳情 Other Details:|
📆 日期 Date:1、2、8、9、15/2/2020(星期六 Sat & 星期日 Sun)
🕣 時間 Time:2 – 8pm
🏡 地點 Venue:Chimaga Studio
👩‍🏫 導師 Instructor:Cherry Li(簡介: 👉🏻👈🏻)
💲 價錢 Price:$4,500

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